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White sand, clear blue waters, the glow of the warm orange sun resting on the horizon, and hundreds of beachgoers; sound familiar? Well, maybe not the hundreds of beachgoers, but the rest of that scenario? Residents from Florida to West Virginia and increasingly Texas notice that their beaches are getting noisier, busier, and sometimes more dangerous.

Whether you’re a full-time resident of a beach community or someone who owns a business close to the beach, this news doesn’t mean you should forsake the beach. The solution is beach-oriented security, a service that a company like Ranger Guard can provide. If you are still unsure as to why you might need beach security, consider the following examples.

1. Public Access Beaches

Like many states, in Texas, all Gulf Coast beaches are public by law. That means anybody and everybody can access them. However, many private residential developments have been built along the oceanfront, which can leave them susceptible to easy entry by criminals.

An increasing amount of beachfront homeowners’ associations are hiring security companies like Ranger Guard to patrol their properties. Security guards watch for loiterers, trespassers, or anyone trying to cut through a home’s yard to get to the beach or set down blankets on the homeowner’s property (anything above the high tide line). When these instances happen, security guards will act promptly, moving the trespassers off the property to a public location.

2. Spring Breakers

The month of March is traditionally known as the spring break season here in the United States. At any given time, thousands of college-age students can be found enjoying the sun, surf, and sand, including here on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Unfortunately, many towns and small communities these students descend upon are ill-prepared for their arrival. Residents and business owners complain about these young people renting homes, clogging traffic, being excessively loud, intoxicated in public, and generally a nuisance.

With limited police forces, many smaller towns have opted to hire private security firms such as Ranger Guard during the spring break season. Thanks to this added presence, the added physical presence and surveillance means residents and business owners can enjoy their towns and communities in safety.

3. Condos & Hotels on the Beach

When it comes to Condominium security, Galveston residents generally know most private security officers are skilled in such areas as defensive tactics, first aid/CPR, anti-terrorism tactics, emergency communications, and other related areas.

However, many are unaware of how much training these officers often have in verbal de-escalation techniques. In many situations where a person is visibly upset and making threats toward others, a well-trained private security officer can use various verbal de-escalation techniques to calm a person down and talk them out of committing violence. By possessing this knowledge, private security officers can keep people and property safe without resorting to physical confrontations.

High-Tech Surveillance

There are many hotels situated along the Texas coastline. Though the beach is public, the pool and hotel are designed to be used by paying guests only. Hotel management has often had to forcefully escort people out of pools or lobbies who’ve decided to use the facilities by stepping off the public beach and disregarding all warning signs.

The same thing can happen with restaurant owners who have patios overlooking the beach. Often, beachgoers will bring picnics and occupy tables on the patio without ordering anything from the menu, essentially robbing the restaurant of paying customers.

This is why many hotels and other business owners who operate in beachfront communities are increasingly hiring private security firms such as Ranger Guard. Ranger Guard can ensure its paying customers’ access to the amenities designed by businesses to meet their clients’ needs by patrolling their property.

Sand & Security Go Hand n’ Hand.

Hiring a private security firm such as Ranger Guard doesn’t mean your business, beachfront home, or seaside community will suffer or be any less enjoyable. On the contrary. Having a professional security presence means your beachfront business will thrive, your home will be protected, and your community safer.

All of these are good things, and all of these things will make that sunset, sand, and blue water that much more enjoyable.




Their hard work, extensive experience, and faith turned a dream into reality

Ranger Guard has grown from a small business in 2009 to a large company covering much of Texas and the Southwest. Founder David Catran is a former secret service agent and foreign ministry vice consul of security. He took his professional experience in the field to develop a security model that works to protect businesses and individuals in all environments and settings. We prioritize hiring military and law enforcement veterans with active combat experience. We know there is no substitute for time spent in the field when it comes to knowing what to do in an emergency.